Audion Versterkers



Op een luidspreker met een hoog rendement kunt u met een Audion versterker prachtige muziek maken. Dit schreef Stephæn voor Six Moons over de Silver Night, een model dat wij in de showroom hebben staan:

“For me the Audion offers up a discerning balance of warmth and resolution. I appreciate that it will not conjure up dynamics and resolution that leave the heart of the performance or the soul of the midband behind. I appreciate that in doing so that it doesn’t sound impressionistic. And I appreciate that it does chase and secure beauty that inspires any number of feelings.

Lastly if we can agree that ambience is the aurally perceived impression of an acoustical space in which a recording was made; and that ambiance is the feeling or mood evoked by an environment – then I can tell you that in my system the Audion allowed for both. It could take me to the venue and reveal the moods therein. It was then that the Audion became hard to ignore. Which is why it deserves an audition by those to whom such qualities speak.”

We hebben ook de Audion Stirling, een wat “betaalbaarder” model uitgerust met de EL34 buizen. Ook deze versterker is uiterst muzikaal!